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Manufacturer's Limited Warranty

Manufacturer guarantees that this product meets its published specifications at the time of shipment from the factory. Under proper installation it should work as expected.

Warranty Period

This equipment is warranted against defects in material and manufacturing for a period of one year from the date of shipment. During the warranty period, TELECRANE USA is responsible for necessary repairs as long as the product can be proved to be defective.
For warranty service or repair the product must be returned to a service facility designated by TELECRANE USA. Buyer will pay shipping charges to TELECRANE USA while TELECRANE USA will pay return ground shipping charges. For requesting warranty services please log in to your account on and follow the instructions for warranty services.

Excluded Items

This warranty does not include consumptive parts such as batteries, fuses, buttons, relays. Also it does not cover defects caused by improper installation, improper or insufficient maintenance, unauthorized modification, improper operation, ignorance of environmental specifications, or improper software or interfacing. Installation, Re-installation labor, travel fees and accommodation costs is not covered under this warranty.

Physical damage and opened remote controls voids the warranty.


No other warranty is expressed or implied, except for the above mentioned.
Telecrane USA, makes no other warranties expressed or implied, of merchantability and fitness of the product for a particular purpose.
The remedies provided herein are the buyer’s sole and exclusive remedies. The Manufacturer and TELECRANE USA shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages.

For more information please read our Terms and Conditions.


Never dismantle the equipment by any unauthorized personnel, or equipment may be damaged.
After finishing operation of TELECRANE radio controller shut off the main power to the crane, and the receiver, and remove transmitter key. If transmitter’s power is controlled by “Rotary Key Switch”, then turn the key to the “OFF” position and remove it.
The crane should be equipped with main power relay, limit switch and other safety devices.

General Precautions 

I - To avoid any interference, the receiver must be placed as far as possible from frequency inverter and power cables.

II- The receiver should be installed on the top of the electrical control box. Do not mount the receiver inside the electrical control box.


In case of an Emergency, please follow the procedures below and contact the distributor for service immediately.
1. Press EMS button of transmitter.
2. Remove the key from transmitter.
3. Switch off the main power of the crane.
4. Contact distributor nearest you immediately.

F24-6D  F24-8D  F24-10D

F25-6-8-10 250x400 131KB

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Telecrane F24-6D  F24-8D  F24-10D


Telecrane F21 & F24 Series Transmitters

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 Telecrane Software CD & USB Cable

Software CD  &  USB Cable


Telecrane F25 Series Copier

F25 Series Program Copier (U)


Telecrane Transmitter Protective Cover (Long)

Transmitter Protective Cover (8/10)


Telecrane Transmitter Protective Cover (Short)

Transmitter Protective Cover (2/4/6)